Growing Habit: A recognizable shape a plant takes on as it grows. Growing habits are part of a plant’s signature, the individual character that a gardener or an herbalist works with to a specific end. People also exhibit patterns of growth; some are patterns of imbalance that can cause problems. These behavior patterns can be retrained to improve health with the assistance of plants that nourish and support the body during a transition.

This is a blog on plants, people, and all the things we do together. It covers plant medicine and people- and plant growth, occasionally diving into more advanced topics of ecology, ethnobotany and permaculture.

About Danielle: 

Danielle Laberge is an herbalist specializing in the Vitalist approach to Traditional Western Herbal Medicine. She studies at the Commonwealth Center for Herbal Medicine, where she is now teaching and seeing clients.

Danielle has been studying medicinal plants for longer than she can remember, and for the past four years she has been undergoing formal courses of study as an apprentice first with Pam Montgomery at the Partner Earth Education Center in Vermont and lately with Katja Swift and Ryn Midura at the Commonwealth Center of Holistic Herbalism in Boston. That training culminates with a practical year of consulting at the student clinic, training to join an amazing teaching team at the Commonwealth Center, and writing and sharing her experiences in a series of newsletters and articles.