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Upcoming classes:

Changing Your Life in Bite-Sized Pieces, Sunday April 17th  2pm – 4pm at Makeshift Boston, 549 Columbus Ave, Boston. Many stumbling blocks can present themselves when we undertake a new diet or lifestyle modification. It is easy to commit to a change until the first obstacle appears, and then our instinct is to bail.  In this facilitated group session, we’ll discuss tools for being kind and firm with yourself, increasing your resiliency to the unexpected, overcoming challenges and setbacks, and we’ll coach each other through scenarios that arise all too often when emotional expediency, unthinking habit and immediate gratification get in the way of a long term goal. Finding creative solutions to those scenarios can bring us adaptability and greater success. The fee for this class is $10 per person.

Plant-based Dyes for Natural Fibers, Wednesday April 27th 7pm – 9pm at Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism, 25 St Mary’s Ct, Brookline.
It’s not only eggs that are dyed in spring but also wool, cotton and linen! Come discover the joy of pulling unexpected hues from plant-based dyes. People have historically gone to great lengths to harvest plant dyes for their fabrics for the same reason we look forward to spring flowers, the mind loves a color feast. Learn the surprising depths of familiar medicinal and culinary herbs, and the shocking colors they reveal in the dye bath, yellow onion skins give a rich brown for example. We’ll cover the basic dye-making recipe for wool, linen and cotton fibers. The fee for this class is $20 per person.

I teach classes in the community seasonally.  Keep an eye out for a class happening near you!

Past workshops include:

Edible and Medicinal Plants, April 2016 at Brookline Main Library

Winter Bud Identification March 2016 CCHH

Gardener’s Gathering March 2016 at Northeastern University: Edible and Medicinal Garden Weeds & Kitchen Herbal Remedies

Herbal Lotions for Dry Winter Skin January 2016 at Makeshift Boston, 549 Columbus Ave and at CCHH, Brookline

Herbal Kitchen Remedies November 2016 at CCHH, Brookline

Medicinal Root Harvesting and Preparation Nov 2014 and 2015 at City Natives Garden, Mattapan

Charles River Herb Walks monthly at Harvard Weld Boathouse, April – October 2015

Decolonizing Herbalism Oct 2015 at CCHH, Brookline

Wonderful Weeds & Herbal Remedies for Common Gardening Ailments Mar 2015 BNAN Gardener’s Gathering, Northeastern University

Botany for Herbalists May 2015  at CCHH, Brookline

Home Remedies for Kitchen Gardens May 2015 at Upham’s Corner Library, Dorchester